Repair, Restoration & Remodelling


MD Jewellers' heritage derives from repairing and restoring jewellery, from repairing simple chains to restoring antique tiara's.  Our state of the art goldsmith's workshop is the perfect combination of age old jewellery making techniques mixed with innovative technology.  Meaning we can offer an unrivalled quality of service along with instant access to highly skilled jewellers as an essential part of our business.  Not only does this help us provide a truly tailored experience, our customers can relax knowing that their cherished jewellery is being looked after in a safe and professional environment. 


All jewellery repairs we undertake are carried out in our own state of the art jewellery workshop, based in central Grantham, meaning your beloved jewellery never leaves the hands of MD Jewellers, if on the rare occasion we need to use specialist service, we will notify you that your jewellery may be worked on by our expert associates.

As jewellery designers and makers, we appreciate just how much skill and expertise goes into every piece and the importance of keeping it in the best possible condition. 


Jewellery has the potential to remain in a family for generations. Inherited jewellery carries a value greater than any other, sentimentality. Fashions do change over time, however, and perhaps your cherished heirloom isn’t quite your style. Using the sentimental gold, we can reinvent the piece into something you’ll love to wear that still contains the connection and memories of the original piece. “Melt and roll” describes the process of melting down gold and reforming it into a new piece of jewellery. Our goldsmiths begin by delicately unsetting any stones that may be set into the new piece. The metal is then heated until it becomes molten, and poured into an ingot mould. The goldsmiths then feed the metal through a set of precision steel rollers to form a bar of bullion that can be used to manufacture the new piece. 


If you are interested in this service, please pop in-store with your old pieces of gold jewellery and we can discuss ideas for what you could have made. Due to the nature of this process, it is best to keep the design as simple as possible - bangles, rings and simple pendants are popular ideas. We are also only able to re-form yellow and rose gold, so unfortunately cannot use white gold, platinum or silver pieces.